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Xue Suhua: an interview with a doctor of endometriosis for long term dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea often bothers many female friends, especially young women. Some people regard dysmenorrhea as a common occurrence. They feel that they will be okay in the past. Others think that dysmenorrhea is only a “young man’s disease”. They will disappear after marriage. So how do gynaecologists think?

Causes of dysmenorrhea

Different ages may be different

Xue Suhua, chief gynecologist of Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, pointed out that from the actual clinical point of view, there are still many cases of dysmenorrhea among young college girls and middle school students. According to medical statistics, this situation probably accounts for 10% to 20% of the number of young women. When women after marriage, childbearing age and older women and young girls and dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea is not the same, often see more young girls or primary dysmenorrhea, there is no abnormal organic changes of dysmenorrhea, while older women with long-term pain often is because the disease causes the do not think that it is just so simple menstruation.

Dysmenorrhea is not simple

Difference between primary and secondary sex

Experts believe that ordinary people have misconceptions about dysmenorrhea, and often think that dysmenorrhea is a small problem, but this view is not scientific.

Director Xue Suhua said, “many of the dysmenorrhea of young people do not have any special diseases. This is mainly related to lifestyle, lifestyle and even food and clothing. That is, primary dysmenorrhea is not related to disease. Of course, there is also a cause of dysmenorrhea caused by disease, such as a 16 year old girl who has been examined for dysmenorrhea. The result is a case of “chocolate cyst”. Older women tend to suffer from chronic dysmenorrhea, which is often associated with disease, that is, secondary dysmenorrhea. There are many clinical cases such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammation, uterine myoma and so on. These diseases can all lead to dysmenorrhea. Therefore, dysmenorrhea is not a small problem, or should go to the regular hospital to check to find out whether it is primary or secondary.

After marriage and birth

Does the dysmenorrhea really disappear?

Although this claim is popular among the people, experts believe that this statement is not really scientific.

Director Xue Suhua pointed out that the cause of dysmenorrhea is mainly due to the poor drainage of blood and stimulating uterine contraction. In addition, the prostaglandin secreted by human body stimulates myometrium contraction, and it is due to the stimulation of pelvic nerves caused by endometriosis. So some people get married and have children, the uterus mouth loose, blood drainage unobstructed also will not feel pain, but not all will disappear because the birth of dysmenorrhea, especially for secondary dysmenorrhea, if there is disease, absolutely can not be ignored.

Bad habits may cause primary dysmenorrhea

Director Xue Suhua reminded: “now life and work is stressful, life is irregular, menstrual period is excessive exercise, even hot weather likes to eat cold things, especially some girls eat ice cream in winter, this is not good for the body. There is love young girls often wear short skirts, causing abdominal and waist cold, in fact the female menstrual period is not good.”

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