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What to eat to relieve dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a common gynecological disease, before and after the menstrual period or menstruation may have abdominal pain, tenesmus, accompanied by backache or diarrhea and other symptoms, serious will affect the quality of life and personal emotions, plagued the majority of the female friends, so in the us how to relieve pain symptoms?

Before we get to know, what types of dysmenorrhea are

Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary and secondary to two, in the two types of dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea is accounted for 90%, it is a kind of dysmenorrhea of reproductive organs without organic disease; but secondary dysmenorrhea is because of pelvic organic diseases caused by only a few. Who is this type, so it does not need to have too much to worry about.

In the period of dysmenorrhea, what should be eaten to alleviate it?

Brown sugar ginger water: the brown sugar and ginger boiled water can drink, is to ease the pain through the most simple recipe; motherwort Eggdrop Soup: egg and motherwort into pot, add appropriate amount of water to the residue after cooking, the egg soup and eat together, can ease the pain; 3. Hawthorn: the amount of brown sugar water hawthorn and sunflower seeds, stir fry water, boiled gravy, add brown sugar, boil soup can be eaten, to ease the pain is very effective; BRANDIED eggs: rice wine and water according to their favorite proportion into the pot, add boiled egg.

In the menstrual period, the female body will be more fragile than usual, so to supplement nutrition, in dysmenorrhea, drink hot drinks, avoid cold, spicy food.

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