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What is the pain of the dysmenorrhea, the girls must see the dysmenorrhea

How the dysmenorrhea is, girls must see a lot of women in the menstrual period will experience a torment, that is the dysmenorrhea. As we all know, dysmenorrhea pain is difficult to endure, there are many female friends have not spend less effort, see a doctor, eat Chinese medicine, still not see great results, so we must from the cause of dysmenorrhea up to see, know how it happened, can we better find a job teaching methods. I hope you after looking for your body will have more understanding of dysmenorrhea is to have more understanding on this phenomenon, and long-term conditioning to an antidote against the disease and defeat this enemy.

We say dysmenorrhea, although the performance is almost the same, are due to the pain, abdomen or poor blood stagnation leading to backache cold, but the fundamental reason is that it is not the same. The dysmenorrhea is divided into two major categories. Primary and secondary, as the name suggests, is primary. It is from menstruation. It can only be relieved and difficult to treat, but it will not affect fertility. And the secondary is that the dysmenorrhea, due to many factors of the day after the day, will occur after several years or decades. As long as these culprits have been found, the dysmenorrhea may be eliminated. First of all, some of the diseases and inflammation of the uterus may lead to dysmenorrhea, such as endometriosis, endocrine abnormalities, and dysplasia of the uterus. Sometimes some external factors, such as long-term depression or drinking ice water or eating some stimulating foods during menstruation, can also cause dysmenorrhea. This kind of dysmenorrhea is generally avoidable. If it is the dysmenorrhea caused by the disease of the body, it is necessary to treat the disease in time. As long as the disease is treated, the dysmenorrhea will disappear. But for the mental and endocrine factors caused by dysmenorrhea, it is the need for a long-term self conditioning process. So you can make a comparison of your own situation, and it is more effective to find the cause than to seek medical advice blindly. I hope that every female friend can be relieved of menstrual dysmenorrhea.

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