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What is the pain of dysmenorrhea and what can relieve dysmenorrhea

I believe that many women have experienced dysmenorrhea. Whenever a good friend comes, it will always be painful. It will affect both the mood and the efficiency of the work. It’s really annoying. So do you know what’s going on in the dysmenorrhea? When the dysmenorrhea comes, how can you make yourself comfortable and free from pain through the conditioning of the diet? Here’s a look at some about dysmenorrhea and prepared for you a few small prescription diet, can relieve dysmenorrhea and meet to eat in the mouth, I believe you will love.

What we call dysmenorrhea is usually caused by poor menstruation and blood stasis. Some of them are caused by some gynecological diseases or endocrine problems. For relieving dysmenorrhea, the most important thing is to dredge blood and remove the chill in the abdomen, so when you choose food, you may eat “hot”, such as durian this warm fruit is the best treatment of dysmenorrhea. In Thailand, durian is usually used to supplement and dredge the blood of postpartum women. For the dysmenorrhea, it is also necessary to dredge blood and replenish blood. The second is the well-known brown sugar. Red sugar in Chinese medicine is thought to be able to replenish blood and blood circulation, and also contains many kinds of sugar, which is very beneficial to the body. In addition, hawthorn is also good food can relieve dysmenorrhea, with brown sugar and hawthorn soaked with drink, can give to the uterine blood circulation effect, so as to alleviate dysmenorrhea. In addition, the red wine stewed apple is also a good choice. Apple is rich in nutrition and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that can promote the circulation of blood, and it has the effect of improving Qi. And red wine is not only a beauty beauty, but also can play a role in promoting blood circulation and having a warm palace. This dessert is to take the amount of an apple about one, and cut it into a crescent shape with a knife. Put the apple in the milk pot, pour the red wine without the apple, simmer the medium with the medium fire for 15 minutes, and soak the apple in the red wine for two hours. A friend who likes to eat sweets can add some sugar or honey to the food. Isn’t it good? A dessert, for you in a physical period, would be a comfort.

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