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What is the most effective dysmenorrhea for dysmenorrhea

Does dysmenorrhea hurt women

In the subconscious of many female friends, dysmenorrhea seems to be part of the menstrual period, and it does not feel that it is a disease. In fact, proper discomfort is a normal phenomenon. However, if a long time pain, and every time period are the same, then we should be cautious, because it will cause dysmenorrhea and cause other gynecological diseases in the long time of accumulation, the worst case will affect the safety of life.

How to relieve dysmenorrhea

The woman in this special period of time, we can use the food supplement ways to alleviate pain, such as honey, ginger and jujube pepper soup and leek juice drink brown sugar and so on, which can help alleviate dysmenorrhea. At the same time, you can also help with external environmental factors, such as using a hot water bag to leave the hands and feet to say goodbye to the cold and keep the normal temperature.

What kind of painkillers do you eat in the dysmenorrhea

In the face of dysmenorrhea, if it is mild pain or can have the time and energy conditions and do the above, we can follow, because food than the harm to the body of some small medicine. But for the nervous workers, there is no time to do it, but the pain is hard to bear, and the painkillers are their good medicine. Here, experts recommend the best of traditional Chinese medicine, such as motherwort particles, tianqidysmenorrhea capsule and Xiaoyao Pill, these are the ingredients of Chinese medicine, the human body has little side effect. If the pain is still not, you can choose to eat to relieve dysmenorrhea fenbid.

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