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What is the good dysmenorrhea during the period of dysmenorrhea

Though dysmenorrhea is unavoidable for every female student, we can change our past irregular life and create a better self if we are smart. But it’s not enough to just adjust your time and rest time. What’s better for us to eat when it comes to dysmenorrhea?

First, since the dysmenorrhea period, for some cold spicy food will not eat, eat these foods will increase the degree of pain and prolong the period of time. Therefore, we should choose some gentle food, like some beef, hot in nature, can warm up, tonic Qi; pigeon meat high protein content than ordinary chicken more easily absorbed and so on.

Second, because during this period of time, our body while discharging toxin immunity than usual decline, therefore, in order to improve our immunity, for some seafood products also can eat, such as sea cucumber beauty, can prevent aging, can enhance immunity.

Third, cherish oneself you must know, in the period of time, our body’s plasma protein, iron, calcium and so on will also be lost. So we’d better eat more fish, eggs, beans and so on, all of which can be a good supplement to the elements we have lost. In addition, if you worry that the food you eat is not enough to supplement the nutrients we lose, you can also choose some health foods in the pharmacy, which is also a good choice.

I believe that if you pay more attention to it, the problem of dysmenorrhea will no longer be a problem.

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