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What is the dysmenorrhea of a woman’s dysmenorrhea

The month before the emergence of abdominal bulge phenomenon, can use Ejiao appropriate Wujibaifeng pills and drugs for nourishing conditioning for your body. There is no detailed introduction here.

This paper mainly introduces the time period of the emergence of symptoms of dysmenorrhea how to solve. When the month appear dysmenorrhea do not worry to eat all kinds of painkillers to alleviate dysmenorrhea symptoms. When mild dysmenorrhea, you can get a hot water bag on your small abdomen and lie down on a flat rest. When comparing dysmenorrhea pain can be a cup of ginger brown sugar water, specifically ginger slices add four tablespoon of brown sugar into the pot add water to boil, and then when the ginger brown sugar water to about 40 degrees of slow drink, drink ginger brown sugar water within 90 minutes will relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. If the menstrual cramps to face pale, pale lips when the time go to hospital don’t eat dysmenorrhea painkillers. Some painkiller although the effect is more obvious, but the great side effects appear numbness in the feet, hands the phenomenon may occur in severe chest tightness, breathless and so on. If you take the related drugs, the symptoms of dysmenorrhea have not been relieved, and do not increase the dose for the purpose of pursuing the effect.

Another holiday will dysmenorrhea women, in the month before and after the diet should also pay attention to avoid eating cold, and the time period in the month before, too spicy food, eat too much cold food would cause stomach cold, diarrhea and so on. In a word, women want to take care of themselves, especially women who can be dysmenorrhea to take care of themselves.

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