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What does the dysmenorrhea eat good 6 recipes to relieve dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea

Menstruation is every woman’s “good friend”. Every month, when she receives this “good friend”, she always consumes a lot of energy and physical strength. There are many female friends who will experience dysmenorrhea, which will seriously affect their work and life. Relief of dysmenorrhea, in addition to taking medicine, diet also has a good effect. So, what’s good to eat in the dysmenorrhea? The small editor collects and collects the following 6 recipes to help the women’s friends treat dysmenorrhea.

1. ginger AI Coix congee. With 10 grams of ginger and 10 grams of Aiye boiled into juice, put 30 grams Yiyiren porridge to medium well, add concoction also cooked for the dysmenorrhea of cold damp stagnation type. The recipe has the cold dampness, removing blood stasis and emollient effect.

2. motherwort Decoction of Rhizoma cyperi. The decoction can not only relieve dysmenorrhea, and bright skin effect. The sweet with 100 grams, motherwort 100 grams, 250 grams of chicken, onion root decoction can be 5. To shoot the rotten soup before and 80% onion soup, the soup is the essence of slag, so it is best to eat the chicken.

3. Hawthorn cinnamon brown sugar soup. Decoct 15 grams of hawthorn and 5 grams of cinnamon branch in water, then add the 30~50 grams of red sugar, boil and drink. We all know that red sugar is very effective for dysmenorrhea. This recipe has the effect of warming meridian and removing blood stasis and relieving pain. It is especially suitable for people with cold dysmenorrhea.

4. ginger jujube red sugar water. Take 30 grams of ginger slices, 30 grams of red dates to go nuclear, add 30 grams of brown sugar, boiling water, suitable for cold dysmenorrhea, the cold temperature, but also can treat because of irregular menstruation of chloasma.

5. ginger jujube pepper soup. The same is to wash 25 grams of ginger slices, remove 30 grams of red dates, and then boil it with 100 grams of Zanthoxylum in the pot, a daily dose, not only for dysmenorrhea, but also for smooth skin.

The 6. and the 11 kinds of food also has the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea: raisins, red beans, Chinese wolfberry, beef, black fungus, Astragalus and Angelica Decoction, durian, banana, apple, litchi, mulberry etc..

What’s good to eat in the dysmenorrhea? Most female friends are dysmenorrhea, so some hot foods can relieve dysmenorrhea. The above 6 recipes hope to help you stay away from the pain and pain of dysmenorrhea.

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