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What does a woman eat in the dysmenorrhea? dysmenorrhea

Woman to aunt the day when the mood is almost the worst, and there are a lot of people with dysmenorrhea many female friends in life, this is a very painful thing, female menstrual and menstrual dysmenorrhea before there will be a headache, breast pain, fatigue, tension, fatigue, depression or irritability, irritability, insomnia, pelvic heaviness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blunt back pain, nasal congestion, edema and other symptoms. So what can the dysmenorrhea to torture a female friend improve? The following small editor to introduce to you what a woman’s dysmenorrhea to eat this problem!

1. we often hear, is to drink a cup of warm brown sugar water: usually a cup of warm brown sugar water can let the body warm, increase energy, active blood, accelerate blood circulation, so menstruation will be ranked in a more smooth, if a female friend menstrual poor, small abdominal distension pain the problem, try this method. At the same time also can add some ginger boiled, invigorating qi and blood nourishing tendons, temperature effect will be better.

2. female friends who often suffer from dysmenorrhea also take vitamins and supplements: minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, which can help relieve dysmenorrhea. Experts found that women who tend to pay more attention to calcium supplements are less painful than those who do not take calcium supplements. Magnesium is also important because it helps the human body to absorb calcium efficiently. May as well in the month of menstruation and during the period, increase calcium and magnesium intake.

3. a lot of female friends are picky eaters, some is on a diet in order to keep fit, but would like to remind you of the usual diet should be diversified, not a partial eclipse, should always eat something with the role of Qi and blood circulation of fruits and vegetables, such as shepherd’s purse, orchid root, coriander, carrot, orange, bergamot, ginger and so on.

4. moreover due to dysmenorrhea and menstruation are closely related, so no matter what kind of dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps can be added on the eve of the flow of Qi, menstrual period with physical blood, after menstruation with blood and blood drug. The menstrual period should not use greasy or too cold medicine to avoid stagnation of blood. Treatment time generally advocated more than 3 cycles, and should prevent drug use, the first 3~5 days to begin treatment.

At the same time, female friends must pay attention to the following four points: pay attention to menstrual health, avoid sexual life, avoid menstrual fatigue, avoid menstrual cold and cold food, pay attention to menstrual period to maintain good mood, these are the necessary conditions of conditioning pain. I hope that the above information about women’s dysmenorrhea can help you and relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea at an early date.

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