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What are the foods that can be treated for dysmenorrhea? dysmenorrhea

Many women now have the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea at the time of each month’s menstruation, and dysmenorrhea has become a common disease for many women. Dysmenorrhea will have a great influence on women, which not only affect the normal work and study of the female friends, but also often make the female pain unable to extricate themselves. Dysmenorrhea in women can actually be adjusted by food, so that it can not only effectively reduce the frequency of dysmenorrhea, but also regulate the body of women. So, what food to eat in the end can effectively relieve dysmenorrhea?

Black fungus。 In addition to enriching the blood, the black fungus can also effectively promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis, thus increasing our feeling of satiety. Because Auricularia auricula is rich in fiber and colloid, and its calorie is relatively low. Usually it contains iron 1.1mg, low calorie and high fiber per 100g, which is an ideal diet material, and also an essential ingredient for relieving dysmenorrhea.

Raisins。 Raisin is very good for relieving fatigue. Raisin is rich in fructose and glucose. It can be easily absorbed by human body, so it can relieve fatigue effectively, and some people with poor gastrointestinal function are also suitable for eating. In addition, each 100g in the raisin contains about 1.5mg of iron, which is very nutritious. In addition, an aerobic exercise for endurance, or a person who works for a long time. It is also an effective food for relieving dysmenorrhea.

Chinese wolfberry。 Wolfberry solutions with hunger, medical health effects, it is not only a kind of medicine, more and more people add it in the usual dishes, taste but also can achieve the effect of health. It is said that each 100g of Lycium barbarum contains 14.6mg iron, and also contains a large number of amino acids, copper, zinc and other trace elements. Besides enriching blood, it can also promote immune function, improve resistance and treat dysmenorrhea.

Beef. Because it contains about 1.6~5.7mg iron in every 100g beef, and the iron here is easily absorbed by the body, it is said that the absorption rate can reach 22.8%. Beef is a high absorbable and protein rich food. Usually, animal meat, if the color is red, then the higher the amount of iron. And it also contains so many proteins and other minerals that are extremely ideal for blood – filling.

Women with dysmenorrhea can also eat some dairy products properly. Because dairy products can make people feel calm, but also relieve muscle spasms. Regular consumption of dairy products can relieve the discomfort caused by menstruation effectively.

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