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Taboo dysmenorrhea during dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is something that every girl is sure to happen every month. Even if the pain in the period is unbearable, we still have no way to avoid it. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves and let ourselves suffer a little pain, every girl must be smart. We must always remember the taboos during dysmenorrhea and make the best of ourselves.

First, from life. During the period of menstruation, especially during dysmenorrhea, the resistance of each girl’s body decreased significantly and the mood was not stable. Not in the period of dysmenorrhea still stay up, the irregular rhythm of life will aggravate our pain. And, as we do not live regularly, the chances of dysmenorrhea will become larger, and even the time of dysmenorrhea will be prolonged.

Second. From food. You do not know whether or not in their menstrual period between coffee, whether because of a greedy and eat spicy cold hardcore food, although you meet your own pleasure, but to you, is endless pain. Coffee will increase is not appropriate, for spicy food will cause pelvic vascular contraction caused by the amount of reduction or stop, we got detoxification during this period, the accumulation of a month to toxins discharged through this way, the shorter period or even stop the toxins in our bodies not timely out, it finally accumulate in our bodies, victims or their own, don’t be so stupid.

Third. From sports. Some girls in the period of dysmenorrhea, in order to avoid increasing the burden of their own, almost do not move, this is wrong. Dysmenorrhea is normal, but it is not right without proper exercise. We distracted our attention when exercising properly, and the pressure of natural dysmenorrhea was also reduced.

You love beautiful girls, in order to be good to yourself, we must remember these taboos.

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