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Pre – dysmenorrhea women must first understand their physique

Dysmenorrhea is generally divided into two kinds, one is the primary dysmenorrhea, mean female menstruation begins from the first time when accompanied by dysmenorrhea, commonly called functional dysmenorrhea, there is a secondary dysmenorrhea, which is often caused by pelvic lesions, in simple terms that is because the cause of disease, as known as pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, which can cause women dysmenorrhea in the menstrual period

But no matter what the reason is the first female dysmenorrhea, want recuperation should understand oneself belong to what kind of constitution in Chinese medicine point of view, we are divided into five types: Qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood stasis due to cold, dampness and heat, deficiency of Qi and blood, liver and kidney deficiency, need five different forms nursed back to health in different ways, and that how to distinguish himself as belonging to what kind of style? It can be judged from the following conditions.

Qi stagnation and blood stasis type: pain is often accompanied by abdominal distention, defecation is not smooth, or when the emotional pressure is bigger, the symptoms are more obvious. It may be accompanied by premenstrual breast distention and pain, or poor blood circulation, skin and dark dust and dry skin. There will be blood clots when menstruation comes.

Cold blood and blood stasis type: usually like to drink cold drinks, the limbs are easy to cold, when the pain of hot compress can be relieved, blowing to the cold wind dysmenorrhea. And the amount of menstruation will be less.

Asthenia of Qi and blood: easy to fatigue, may be accompanied by anemia, yellow or white face, less blood color. Speak feeble, quieter. When the pain is painful, it is easy to get dizzy or slight headache.

Liver and kidney insufficiency type: the symptom is similar to the Qi and blood weak type, often menstruation comes will have the waist acid, or usually has the waist acid, when the menstruation comes, the waist acid is more severe. Chinese medicine said “liver and kidney homology, liver blood, kidney essence, kidney is the birth of the kidney.”

Shireyunjiexing: Premenstrual or menstrual abdominal pain, refused to press, a burning sensation, accompanied by dark red color, medium thick block, or usually with thick yellow, vulvae, stool.

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