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Interview: the most practical problem solution of dysmenorrhea doctor interview

39 Health Network: why there is dysmenorrhea, in addition to the pain in the stomach where there will be pain?

Director Fan: dysmenorrhea refers to around or during menstruation a group of symptoms of abdominal pain. In addition, the abdominal pain, also can have abdominal distension, lumbar pain, vulva, anus pain, thigh pain, nausea and vomiting, headache, malaise, is a common gynecological pain.

According to the difference of the occurrence time, it can be divided into primary and secondary, which is called primary after the menarche, and the occurrence of 2 years after the menarche can be called secondary.

The reasons are as follows:

The cervical canal stenosis, uterine isthmus dysfunction, leading to poor blood flow, blood can flow back into the uterus and sometimes rectouterine pouch, uterine pressure can cause ischemia and hypoxia in pain.

The hypoplasia of uterus or deformities caused by ischemia or abnormal bleeding.

The position of uterus, such as uterine retroversion or extreme anteversion, caused by poor blood discharge.

The endocrine factors associated with progesterone elevation.

The endometrial prostaglandin absorption into the blood, causing pain.

Such mental factors.

Mother, genetic factors, dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea daughter may also.

8 uterine nerve and neurotransmitter will play no small role.

Only tumor.

I have inflammation, endometriosis etc..

39 Health Network: in the middle period of menstruation, there will be leucorrhea with blood. What is the problem?

Fan: menstrual bleeding or leucorrhea is bloodshot. Most of them are bleeding during ovulation. It is caused by the fluctuation of estrogen level in the body, such as bleeding, and time is 2-3 days.

39 Health Network: there is a saying that after marriage, dysmenorrhea will heal itself. Is this correct and why?

Fan: if dysmenorrhea is caused by cervical stenosis or dysfunction of uterine isthmus, dysmenorrhea will be relieved or disappeared after sexual life, especially after vaginal delivery.

39 Health Network: does long term dysmenorrhea lead to bad consequences?

Director Fan: the light affects daily work and life, which can seriously affect fertility, and a few of them may endanger life because of the tumor.

39 Health Network: does it have bad effects to eat painkillers when dysmenorrhea?

Dr. Fan: we need to take different drugs according to the specific conditions. Some patients take Compound Aminopyrine Phenacetin Tablets, APC tablets and others. Because these drugs contain aspirin, they will cause more bleeding and are not suitable for taking. You can take Fenbid, atropine, Meclofenamic acid, short acting contraceptive drugs.

39 Health Network: in addition to eating painkillers, is there any way to relieve the pain?

Director of mental health: psychotherapy tells patients, especially adolescent women, menstruation is the external manifestation of women’s health. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. Some physiological conditions, such as abdominal pain and waist pain, are normal. Pay attention to the heat preservation of the abdomen, do not eat cold drink, vigorous exercise, and so on.

39 Health Network: does dysmenorrhea need to be treated? What are the good methods of traditional Chinese medicine?

Director Fan: a serious person needs to be treated according to the cause of the disease. Chinese medicine has a good effect in treating dysmenorrhea. It needs to be treated with different drugs according to Yin Yang, Qi and blood. Acupuncture can relieve dysmenorrhea and it can also be used.

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