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How to treat dysmenorrhea quickly? dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea makes women uncomfortable. Every month, many women are affected by normal life, study and work. How to treat dysmenorrhea quickly is the common voice of every dysmenorrheal woman. Next, Xiaobian introduces the method of rapid treatment of dysmenorrhea.

When 1. dysmenorrhea occur if pain can take some painkillers, such as atropine and diazepam and the like, but it is best not to use painkillers, although painkillers are the best methods to alleviate pain, because pain will have many side effects, for menstrual women is not very good.

2. can take hot compress method for relieving pain, hot compress can be used hot water bag or Foment Bag, and you can drink some hot water, but also has the effect of pain relief, or you can use moxa roll moxibustion belly, hot compress can make the body warm, can accelerate the blood circulation, and can relax the muscles, especially the pelvis spasm and congestion.

3., massage can be used to relieve pain. The specific part of massage is from the navel to the middle part of the vulva. Slowly pressing is done 10 times / minute. Doing five times can promote the microcirculation in the lower abdomen, and it has the effect of treating dysmenorrhea.

The above method is pain relieving method for dysmenorrhea, but dysmenorrhea often can’t get better through simple pain relief. These methods are actually temporary solutions. Therefore, in order to make the dysmenorrhea get a complete improvement, it is necessary to use TCM or diet for deep conditioning.

1., take the deep conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese traditional medicine can find the root cause of dysmenorrhea from the root, and recuperate from the root. After the conditioning of Chinese medicine, female friends can get a fundamental improvement.

2. the usual diet should be diversified, often eat some fruits and vegetables has the function of blood circulation of Qi, such as ginger, bergamot, orange, carrot, physical weakness, lack of Qi and blood of people can eat some Qi, nourishing blood, tonifying the liver and kidney foods, such as animal liver and kidney, fish, beans etc..

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