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How to quickly relieve dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea

First, we immediately apply hot towels to our stomach. If there is a hot water bag at home, it is the best way to keep the towel warm, so that heating can be transported to our womb and gently massage back and forth with hand to relieve pain. If you have chocolate at home this time, you can eat a small piece, so that we can increase our physical strength and not be tortured or depressed due to dysmenorrhea.

Second, we can press the thumb and forefinger, lasting a few minutes later, can obviously feel the pain gradually reduced, this time to press a few minutes, know the feeling of pain, dysmenorrhea, if repeated, can also press repeatedly, until the pain disappears. This method is very good for the outside world, and you can sit down, lean on, and press it.

Third, if we feel that the above two methods are too slow, you can take pain relief tablets appropriately, and keep a box in your family to prevent it from taking pains sometimes.

I believe that if you listen to my advice, you should be able to effectively relieve the dysmenorrhea.

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