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How to eat fish in the dysmenorrhea can prevent dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea

Women may have dysmenorrhea symptoms during the first second days of the period of menstruation, which is normal physiological phenomenon and is not ill. However, if severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and headache symptoms occur during the menstrual period, the woman may have a gynecologic disease. In fact, it is not necessarily, because in the menstrual period, improper diet can cause dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea women should pay attention to personal diet, must not be careless. How to do dysmenorrhea? Can eating fish prevent dysmenorrhea?

1. balanced diet

Doctors say that a few women, in order to lose weight, often do not eat meals, eat only fruit or eat too much dessert in order to increase fertilizer. In fact, such eating habits are bad, and have adverse effects on the body. People with irregular diet and disequilibrium are deficient in some part of the body and are weak. In the menstrual period, the weak and sick women are prone to symptoms of dysmenorrhea. In order to alleviate the symptoms, women should be appropriate to supplement, eat more soup, eat more nutritious food.

2. keep warm

The menstrual period, women can not catch cold. Keep the body warm and accelerate blood circulation and reduce the disease caused by blood loss. White collar ladies often sedentary in air filled office, it is easy to catch cold. During the menstrual period, women should wear more clothes to ensure that their body temperature is normal.

3. supplemental minerals

Taking calcium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals are all helpful in alleviating menstrual pain. Experts found that women who took calcium supplements rarely experienced symptoms of menstrual pain, and women who did not take calcium were occasionally familiar with symptoms during the menstrual period. In the case of abdominal pain and weariness during the menstrual period, women can try to eat calcium.

4. avoid caffeine

Coffee and cola all contain caffeine, which can stimulate nerves and achieve refreshing effect. But during menstrual period, women who drink caffeinated beverages will have symptoms of abdominal discomfort. In order to avoid the symptoms of abdominal discomfort affecting personal health and work, do not drink coffee, thick tea, coke during the menstrual period.

5. take vitamins

People who take a moderate amount of vitamins every day have less menstrual pain, but they do not mean taking vitamins, and the menstrual period will not be painful. Those with low calcium can take vitamins regularly according to the doctor’s guidance to slow down the symptoms.

6. prohibition of alcohol

Wine is a woman should not drink during the period of menstruation, but some women attend some places of pay, and it is unavoidable to drink. But for the sake of personal health, women still try not to drink in the menstrual period.

What do women do with dysmenorrhea? All of these are the matters that should be paid attention to in women’s dysmenorrhea. In addition to this, eating fish can also prevent dysmenorrhea. Danish experts said, a history of pain in women eat two kilos of fish oil, dysmenorrhea symptoms gradually improved. So it’s good for women to eat more fish, so try it.

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