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How to do dysmenorrhea? Skillful use of dietotherapy to improve dysmenorrhea

How to do dysmenorrhea? Most of the dysmenorrhea belong to primary dysmenorrhea, the clinical manifestations vary from person to person, and abdominal distention is a common clinical symptom. Symptoms can be relieved after 1-2 days. If it can not be alleviated, it should be adjusted to personal diet, adequate blood or medication to control the condition, otherwise symptoms will affect individual work. The patients’ symptoms of dysmenorrhea include drug therapy and diet therapy. Dietetic therapy is also accepted by most women with dysmenorrhea. After skillfully using dietotherapy to improve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, women return to normal state. The following are the dietetic treatments for relieving symptoms of dysmenorrhea:

Boiled eggs of yonhu Leonurus Leonuri

With the pain, blood tonic effect, with Xuan Hu, motherwort, egg ingredients, is going to shell egg cooked, then add Xuan Hu and motherwort boiled soup, cooked to eat egg soup.

Black bean egg soup

With the transfer of gas, relieving pain, black bean, egg ingredients, Yellow Wine, to put all the ingredients into the pot boiled and wine.

Gingiber coix seed porridge

With warm, cold, dampness, ingredients dried ginger, Wormwood Leaves, coix seed, to put all the ingredients into the pan boiling water, cooked soup.

Motherwort Decoction of Rhizoma Cyperi

With the blood and relieving pain, food egg, Herba Leonuri, Rhizoma Cyperi, scallions, to put all the ingredients into the pan and cook for 30 minutes after drinking the.

Hawthorn cinnamon red sugar soup

It has the effect of warming meridians, removing blood stasis and relieving pain. The ingredients include Hawthorn meat, Cinnamon Twig and brown sugar. In order to cook all ingredients in a pot, cook it in a slow fire, add brown sugar into the pot, and drink it evenly.

Ginger jujube red sugar water

With warm and cold food effect, dried ginger, jujube, brown sugar, approach to the ginger slices, red dates and then into the pot add simmer and cooked soup to eat jujube.

Ginger jujube pepper soup

With the efficacy of mild pain relief, the ingredients are ginger, pepper, jujube, the practice of ginger slices, and the jujube together, and timely add pepper.

Leek juice drink brown sugar

With warm, invigorating Qi, ingredients fresh chives, brown sugar, as will mashed leek juice boiled together with brown sugar, cooked after drinking.

Hawthorn wine

With the spleen, pass through effect, food hawthorn, hawthorn liquor, to go nuclear, chopped, into the pot with liquor soaked, 7-10 days after drinking. During the soaking, every two days with a.

How to do the dysmenorrhea, I believe that you have already understood. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult a doctor in a professional hospital, and the doctor will tell the answer on the basis of many years of clinical experience. I wish the patient an early recovery and cure the disease.

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