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How to do dysmenorrhea during the period of menstruation, give you a few strokes of dysmenorrhea

Every female friend will be uncomfortable for a few days every month. I believe you are also not familiar with dysmenorrhea. Maybe because of the different physique and condition of the individual, the degree and way of dysmenorrhea are also different, but the way to solve the problem is similar. The aim is to relieve pain and reduce discomfort.

Menstruation during dysmenorrhea, take medicine well

During menses, dysmenorrhea, many women choose to have the painkillers, indeed, painkillers can alleviate strong pain in women sense in the short time, but the pain of the female body is hurt, in fact, any of the drugs have side effects, especially in this special period, female friend is in fact not the food of any drug.

Symptoms of dysmenorrhea

For dysmenorrhea, but most of the following It differs from man to man., and causes abdominal pain, is because the female body was relatively heavy, at the same time, waist ache and acid is for this reason, this is mild symptoms. The symptoms of severe patients are terrible. They will be pale and cold. Sometimes there will be syncope. It will bring great trouble to many female friends.

A good way to relieve dysmenorrhea

First, drink ginger water. Prepare the red sugar, cut the ginger into a sheet, then add water to boil, hot and hot drink to the stomach, can drive away the body’s cold, relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Second. Hot water bag therapy. If it is a small abdominal pain, you can use a hot water bag for relief, the temperature is about sixty to seventy degrees, it is also very useful. Third, pay attention to therapy, what is attention therapy? It is to avoid eating too cold before menstruation. During menstruation, try to avoid sticking to cold water. This is also an effective way to curb dysmenorrhea. Many people don’t pay much attention. Actually, you can try, and you will know that the effect is very good. Fourth, if the dysmenorrhea last for a long time, experts suggest that you should better use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. Although Chinese medicine is slow, it has little side effects and little harm to the human body.

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