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How to do 3 kinds of dysmenorrhea treatment of dysmenorrhea

In daily life, many women in the menstrual cramps due to deficiency of Qi and blood will appear the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Serious people have symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. Most of the symptoms are sudden appearance, without omen, and perplex the daily life and work of women. When women have dysmenorrhea symptoms, what measures should be taken to relieve discomfort? How to do dysmenorrhea? The following editors introduce 3 ways to treat dysmenorrhea.

General treatment

The dysmenorrhea is pale, and the hands and feet are weak. If you do not have a proper rest, the symptoms of headache and vomiting will follow. People with severe pain will squat on the ground or lie on the table for a temporary rest to relieve the discomfort of the abdominal cramps. In order to alleviate the symptoms, some women will be held a warm or hot towel belly, to increase the body’s temperature. Warmth is very important for women with dysmenorrhea, especially in cold and humid weather. Women should add clothes to the climate change and keep warm. If you have a bad cold, you should consult a doctor and take a drug to treat the cold, otherwise the symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea will appear repeatedly. People with severe abdominal pain can take drugs or adjust their diet to treat the disease.

Drug therapy

The occasional female dysmenorrhea is a normal phenomenon, several times in the menstrual cramps occur when the symptoms of dysmenorrhea is not normal. If the symptoms of dysmenorrhea are not obvious and the symptoms disappear within two days, it is best not to take medication. Because the drug has a certain impact on the body, it is not appropriate to take it regularly. Patients with severe dysmenorrhea can take the drugs such as methlofenenacic acid, diclofenac and other drugs according to the doctor’s guidance, and can also take the contraceptive pill according to the actual situation. People who take contraceptives for a long time may not have birth, so avoid this and let the symptoms of dysmenorrhea disappear spontaneously. In fact, the causes of the symptoms of dysmenorrhea are associated with excessive fatigue, weak body and insufficient blood and blood. If women want to relieve dysmenorrhea, they can take effective methods to remove the triggers, instead of taking drugs, such as full rest and supplemental nutrition.

Massage and acupuncture treatment

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