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How much dysmenorrhea is known to the etiology of primary dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a huge pain and suffering for each menstrual period of women, a lot of people are trying to cure dysmenorrhea, but many people are still on the etiology of primary dysmenorrhea of this disease is not clear, resulting in no way of preventing disease from pathogeny, reduce the period of pain.

What are the causes of primary dysmenorrhea? Experts point out that there are many reasons for primary dysmenorrhea. It can cause primary dysmenorrhea due to mental factors, uterine contraction abnormalities, cervical factors, vasopressin release and prostaglandin production and release. Also, dysmenorrhea is common in patients with mental stress, allergies or depression. But most patients have no history of mental stimulation before the onset of the disease. Therefore, psychic factors may be the result of dysmenorrhea, and only in a few patients who are invalid are considered to be associated with mental factors.

At present, there is ample evidence that the production and release of prostaglandin in the endometrium of primary dysmenorrhea leads to abnormal uterine contraction, blood flow reduction, ischemia and hypoxia, and acidic metabolites accumulate in the muscular layer, resulting in dysmenorrhea.

What are the causes of primary dysmenorrhea? At the end of the luteal period of women, such as unfertilized oocytes, luteal degeneration, and progesterone levels in blood. The lysosomes in the endometrium lost stability and released phospholipase A2, which hydrolyzed the membrane phospholipids to produce four arachidic acid. With the intimal trauma in the menstrual period, the Arachis four eNIC acid is further transformed into prostaglandin. The rate of endometrium formation and release of prostaglandins in primary dysmenorrhea women is higher than that of normal women. Excessive prostaglandins cause abnormal uterine contractions and ischemia, which is characterized by dysmenorrhea. PGF2a causes the contraction of the myometrium and small blood vessels, and is most closely related to the occurrence of dysmenorrhea. PGE2 may have the effect of strengthening PGF2a. Prostacyclin (PGI2) can reduce the contraction of uterine blood vessels, so the decrease of prostacyclin may be associated with dysmenorrhea. However, thromboxane A2 seems to have nothing to do with dysmenorrhea.

When we know the causes of primary dysmenorrhea, we should be able to reduce the distress caused by dysmenorrhea to the female friends. At the same time also suggested that Youyuan often dysmenorrhea female friends do some regular gynecological examination to the hospital, follow the doctor’s guidance for disease self conditioning and health care.

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