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How does painful dysmenorrhea deal with how to effectively relieve dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea? What do you do with painful dysmenorrhea? Many women in the first day of menstruation will appear this symptom. Each woman has a different degree of dysmenorrhea. Some women have a slight pain in the abdomen, discomfort of abdominal distention, some women have severe pain, pale face, and cold hands and feet. Women with a strong sense of pain take a variety of ways to relieve discomfort. The following are the ways to relieve menstrual pain.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar can nutrients loss of menstrual cramps. Many women drink red sugar water during the menstrual period in order to make up blood and relieve pain. After drinking the red sugar water, the female meridians are dredged and all body and blood are full of blood and blood.

Red jujube sweet and sweet water

Red jujube, sweet and blood, invigorating the spleen and stomach. Both the egg and the egg are very suitable for the dysmenorrhea. If there is no circle, it can be replaced with Auricularia. Auricularia auricula also has the effect of enriching blood and invigorating the spleen. It is suitable for the anemic people to eat. In fact, the patients with dysmenorrhea are anemic. Lack of blood, menstrual cramps, blood deficiency, natural illness. Red jujube sweet and sweet water can also remove speckle, which is beneficial to women.

Oil fried onion

Fried onion oil is relatively rare, but it is a good treatment of the pain. The specific approach to the Rice noodles ginger, three kinds of materials, fermented black bean clean boiled soup was then added with heavy oil, stir. The treatment of cold and cold can also be used. The body cold is painful. If the cold gas is removed, the disease is cured.

Fried egg with Artemisia

Leaves can stop bleeding menstruation, cold and dampness. Use their eggs to treat dysmenorrhea after taking them.

Yellow Wine scrambled eggs

Yellow wine is rare in daily life, but its effect can not be ignored. With the treatment of dysmenorrhea Yellow Wine scrambled eggs, it is first fried egg, then add salt, Yellow Wine. Eat after cooked, 1 times a day.

What do you do with painful dysmenorrhea? All of these are good treatments. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult a doctor in a professional hospital, and the doctor will tell the answer on the basis of many years of clinical experience. In menstruation, women should pay attention to keep warm and personal diet. Women should not wear a sling skirt in cold weather for the sake of beauty. They should not wear the vest under the cold air, and should not wear clothes during sleep. Spicy food should not eat greasy, fried food should not eat cold food should not eat.

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