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How does dysmenorrhea treat you to teach you 3 ways of treating dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea refers to women’s menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, accompanied by pale, cold limbs, dizziness, headache and other systemic symptoms. There are two kinds of dysmenorrhea in clinic. One is primary dysmenorrhea with no obvious pelvic organ abnormalities. One is secondary dysmenorrhea with obvious genital changes. The causes of dysmenorrhea are stressful, overtired, endocrine disorders, abnormal uterine position, dysplasia of the uterus, and obstructed menstrual flow. How does dysmenorrhea treat? The following editors introduce four ways to relieve dysmenorrhea to women.

Dietetic therapy

Brown sugar water, red dates longan sugar, chicken soup, scrambled eggs, fried egg Yellow Wine argyi can relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms. Brown sugar water has analgesic effect of the blood; red dates longan dessert soup with Qi, blood and spleen nourishing effect; camellia oil fry onion has Yang Yi Bi effect; chicken soup has the function of enriching blood; leaves with fried egg, Tiaojing Zhixue cold dispelling dehumidification effect; Yellow Wine fried egg has analgesic efficacy of spleen.


The antispasmodic analgesics can relieve the symptoms of abdominal pain and are suitable for patients with severe dysmenorrhea. In fact, the best menstrual period should not take drugs, but if the symptoms continue to be unable to alleviate, should be guided by the doctor to take drugs to relieve the condition. Have a headache to taking Fenbid, otherwise will continue to affect their symptoms, leading to their motivation to work and can not sleep.

Psychological adjustment

Emotional failure, anxiety and irritability are the causes of pain. In the work encountered unsatisfactory thing, can be to friends mood, do not bury in the heart, fall into sorrow and pain. In the life of frustrating things, such as often because of bad habits and abused, should communicate with the family. In the emotional side, such as quarrels, cold war and so on, should be timely communication, do not keep the deadlock. After adjusting the psychology, people are optimistic and happy, and the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will disappear.

How to treat the dysmenorrhea, I believe that you have already understood. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult a doctor in a professional hospital, and the doctor will tell the answer according to many years of clinical experience. I wish women health and happiness and avoid the trouble of dysmenorrhea.

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