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Dysmenorrhea of menstrual dysmenorrhea in women of all ages

Many women are afraid of menstruation, because dysmenorrhea often happens when menstruation is coming. Many women will suffer from systemic pain, colic and headache, which will affect the normal work and life of women. So, what is the reason for the dysmenorrhea of women in different ages?

Causes of dysmenorrhea of 20 year old women

1, the hymen: because the hymen without opening, to a certain extent, the normal discharge of the blood can cause inhibition, and then lead to dysmenorrhea.

2, prostaglandin: due to the secretion of prostaglandins in endometrium, although it can induce contraction of uterine muscles and blood vessels and help menstrual blood discharge, excessive secretion will cause intense spasmodic contraction of uterine muscle fibers, resulting in pain.

3, endocrine disorders: female endocrine disorders will cause discomfort in the body, and can also cause a lot of disease. Such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding, abnormal leucorrhea girl, when the above situation, timely inspection recommendations!

4, mental stress: some girls feel irritability, anxiety, nervousness and fear due to lack of physiological knowledge, so they feel more sensitive to pain than ordinary people. Even a slight discomfort can feel pain, and the more nervous it is, the more painful it is. This pain is mainly caused by or aggravated by psychological effects.

Causes of dysmenorrhea of 30 year old women

1, cervical canal stenosis: if the endometrium is not fragmented, it will be difficult to expulsion if it is running, or the cervical outlet is narrow. Excessive uterine flexion will make menstrual blood fail to flow smoothly. It can cause uterine contraction or spasmodic contraction, causing pain.

2, dysplasia of the uterus: dysplasia of the uterus is easy to combine with abnormal blood supply, causing uterine ischemia and hypoxia to cause dysmenorrhea.

3, abnormal uterine position: if women with extreme retroflexion or flexion position, can affect the blood patency and cause dysmenorrhea.

Causes of dysmenorrhea of 40 year old women

40 year old women will enter climacteric. If dysmenorrhea occurs, most of them are secondary. It may be caused by some uterine diseases, such as uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis and endometritis. We should go to the hospital to check in time, especially to check the tumor disease, and actively cooperate with the clinical treatment.

39 Health Network warm reminder: women must take good care of themselves during the menstrual period, and avoid drinking thick tea, carbonated drinks, coffee and drinking.

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