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During menstruation, hardly wished to live.? Or an interview with the endometriosis doctor

Miss Yang is 24 years old this year, looks cute, as pretty as a flower in the new unit, not only for two years was promoted to director. Miss Yang although career so smooth, but in private life there is a worry her. Every woman has a period of time every month is not convenient, however, it is a normal woman’s monthly menstruation. Miss yang to come every time menstruation is a disaster, writhing on the bed, just like a punishment by hacking process hardly wished to live. Every time she was biting her teeth, she spent her menstrual period, and she had a few painkillers on her face at work. Boyfriend Chen could not stand, to accompany her to the hospital gynecology clinic, the original let her menstruation was hardly wished to live. endometriosis!

How is endometriosis?

The endometrium fled and took root

What kind of disease is endometriosis? Director of gynecology No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University professor Yao Shuzhong vividly describes: “endometriosis is the popular terms, should be attached to escape in the uterine wall lining, fled to pitch camp in other parts of the body and cause periodic abdominal pain.”

Endometriosis is a good disguise of illness, it most likes playing a trick, all kinds of symptoms, makes it difficult to discern its true face. Endometriosis most love fled to the home of 80% patients with ovarian lesions, one ovary, 50% bilateral ovarian and ovarian spread; in addition, the uterosacral ligament, Douglas, the posterior wall of the uterus under section is endometriosis love hiding place; some endometrial too naughty, actually went to the cervix, vagina, rectum and ureter and bladder or other parts, triggered a series of corresponding clinical symptoms.

Professor Yao Shuzhong said that deep infiltrating endometriosis accounts for about 5%-10% of all patients. The most complex case he has ever treated is the endometrium implanted in the deep part of the sciatic foramen and the gluteus maximus, which causes the patients with periodic lower limb pain for many years because of the compression of nerves at the lesion site. In addition, the endometrium is grown in the intestines and ureters of a large number of cases, even in the belly of the navel.

How can endometriosis be identified?

Many years of dysmenorrhea come to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment

Endometriosis showed the patient suffering the myriads of changes, often die, and even lead to infertility. A series of symptoms outside the Department of gynaecology, the symptomatic treatment failed to work, so that patients in the process of seeking medical treatment have taken a lot of curve. Inexperienced doctors can’t find that endometriosis is behind the back of endometriosis, and even if you find it, you can’t do it. Professor Yao Shuzhong, as the authority of endometriosis in China, has become the “savior” of patients with complicated diseases.

Professor Yao Shuzhong appeals to the majority of women, if repeated dysmenorrhea years need to be vigilant for endometriosis! Dysmenorrhea is a symptom of many women and a lot of reasons. Is the most common primary dysmenorrhea, such as cervical canal stenosis, can alleviate the marriage after birth; some dysmenorrhea is genital tract malformation caused, such as rudimentary uterine horn, oblique vaginal septum, blood from the poor caused by dysmenorrhea, menstrual blood flow caused by endometriosis, as well as the pain.

At present, the pathogenesis of endometriosis is unknown, and the disease is hereditary but not necessarily. The basic pathological change is the formation of a lesion in the endometrium, which causes a series of symptoms. The removal of lesions depends mainly on surgical treatment. Drug therapy can control symptoms.

How does endometriosis treat?

The individualized treatment plan tailored “

Many patients will ask, how should endometriosis be treated? Is surgery or conservative? Professor Yao Shuzhong replied: “treatment of endometriosis is individual, should be tailored to! What is the age of the patient? Do you need birth? Should it be the operation? According to the specific situation of the patient, the doctor will make a most suitable treatment. “

In general, the chocolate cyst needs surgical treatment, but it can be determined according to the patient’s specific conditions. He cited two cases of chocolate cyst to explain to us. When A was married, the chocolate cyst of 5cm was not discovered long enough. This situation can be treated first with pregnancy and then treated with chocolate cyst. B, who is going to study abroad, finds that 7cm’s chocolate cyst is found to be operated on because of its small age and long time from marriage to childbirth.

In addition, some patients have no discomfort after getting sick, but they can not be operated on. Professor Yao Shuzhong pointed out that: “patients who meet the operation requirements, doctors will also weigh the side effects of surgery and the degree of pain of patients, and continue to track whether the quality of life is improved after operation. Patients with deep invasive endometriosis are often complicated and need multidisciplinary surgery.

In short, met last longer and the girls hardly wished to live. menstrual pain, beware of endometriosis! This dysmenorrhea is also difficult to heal itself after marriage.

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