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Can the treatment of dysmenorrhea really naked? dysmenorrhea

Q at last on dysmenorrhea health seeking truth, I think about the dysmenorrhea of speech on the Internet: “women naked, body relaxed, smooth flow, privates can have adequate ventilation, is conducive to the regulation of nerve, is conducive to strengthen immunity, can effectively achieve the treatment of dysmenorrhea objective.” Is it true?

The reporter continued to inform the director of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Chen Yao, vice president of the Fuyang maternal and child health care hospital. She is not reliable, careful naked rumor: cold, aggravate dysmenorrhea.

“Come to medical treatment of dysmenorrhea patients, if the cause is unknown primary treatment, we recommend routine treatment is to adjust the state of life, eliminate the concerns in the menstrual cramps before psychological not too nervous. Menstruation when to rest, do not stay up late, keep a happy mood.” Chen Yao said, “if the naked sleep can relieve dysmenorrhea, at most only a mental relaxation of this, but the menstrual cramps naked, this is obviously not reliable, medicine completely no such argument.”

Chen Yao suggested love naked girl, keep warm, if you catch words but caused by the opposite effect, exacerbate dysmenorrhea problem.

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