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Can the dysmenorrhea eat fruit? Which fruits are suitable for the menstrual period? dysmenorrhea

Many people think that women can’t eat fruits during menstruation. They think that fruits are cold food. Eating can cause dysmenorrhea. In fact, women’s immunity will decrease during menstruation, and they need more balanced nutrition to keep their bodies functioning normally.

So what are the fruits that are suitable for women to eat when they are menstruating? Xiao Bian concluded that five female period edible fruits.

Durian: hot, at that time of the month to take blood cold, relieve dysmenorrhea. In addition it can also improve the abdominal cold, the body temperature gradually increased to normal temperature, is the ideal tonic cold constitution. Some people don’t love the smell of durian, but small series can be very serious to tell you that the first bite with fruit, usually fridge ice before eating, absolutely delicious, but remember at that time of the month don’t eat ice oh.

Jackfruit: do anyone think jackfruit looks like a relative of Durian? The temperature of jackfruit can strengthen the hydrolysis of fibrin in the body and promote the circulation of blood and water. To remind you that this fruit is delicious, but when eating, we should pay attention to prevent anaphylaxis. Salt immersion before eating can reduce the occurrence of anaphylaxis.

Cherry: Cherry tepid, vitamins, iron, calcium and other nutrients the human body needs a large number of. Because it is rich in iron, so it has the effect of alleviating anemia. Besides, cherry also contains a certain amount of cyanide glycosides. Too much consumption can lead to poisoning. So eat everything must have a degree. Don’t blindly think that you can only eat that food if you eat anything, everything is a double-edged sword.

Apple: an apple a day, the doctor is away from me. I believe this sentence is well known, and from childhood to most of the education to eat apples can keep healthy. Apple has a very important role, can Ningshen sleep, menstrual period, women are always in a state of tension, then put an apple on the bed or work on the table, let apple fragrance in your body around, believe that we can eliminate the sense of oppression, relax your mood. And the apple is also a good thing to regulate the stomach. Don’t look down on it.

Red dates: China ancient medical records, red dates can warm, nourishing blood, blood and Qi etc.. In fact, jujube contains many kinds of vitamins, such as vitamins, trace elements and protein. It can improve human immunity. During menstruation, women want to nourish yin and nourish blood and eat jujube.

Although the dysmenorrhea is terrible, but as long as the adjustment of good diet, nutrition balance, ordinary attention to keep warm, do not stay up the night not drinking, the period can be like the usual splendor.

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