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An interview with dietetic comprehensive doctor for dysmenorrhea

Qi stagnation and blood stasis type — diet therapy

1, two skin honey

Ingredients: 1 pomelo, 60 grams of tangerine peel, a proper amount of liquor and 500 grams of honey.

Method: to take the skin grapefruit meat, chopped, and orange peel together into the sand in the bottle, add wine amount, soak for 6 hours, cooked with honey, mix well, sooner or later each day, two spoonfuls of water or water.

Efficacy: stagnation of line gasification

2, Amomum pork stomach soup

Ingredients: 10 grams, Amomum 9 grams, 100 grams of pork stomach tienchi.

Practices: wash pork stomach with boiling water, scraping the intimal, odor removal, and Amomum, Tianqi together into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, simmer for about 2 hours after boiling. After the seasoning, drink the soup to eat meat.

Efficacy: waking the stomach, removing blood stasis and relieving pain.

Cold blood clotting and stasis type — diet therapy

1, stewed beef with fennel and pepper

Ingredients: 3 grams of anise, pepper 3 grams, 30 grams of beef, 15 ml of wine.

Wash beef with fennel, pepper, wine, and put them in a pressure pot, add water simmer, first Wuhuo boil 15 minutes, simmer boil, seasoning, remove the beef, sliced food.

Efficacy: dispelling cold, warm stomach, tonic.

2, angelica mutton cooker (suitable for winter food)

Ingredients: 6 g of Angelica and 1 of cinnamon. 5 grams, 3 grams of tangerine and 250 grams of mutton.

Methods: wash the mutton, cut it, put it in the casserole and cook it into rotten, and put it in cinnamon for 10 minutes, and taste it.

Effect; warm and cold, nourishing blood and relieving pain.

Heat accumulation — diet

1, Lysimachia tea

Ingredients: 20 grams, 12 grams of Jinqiancao turmeric, honey.

Practices: wash the medicine together into the pot, add water amount, decoction. Add honey and stir up tea for drinking.

Efficacy: discharge heat, dampness, stasis.

2, fried Hawthorn wormwood

Ingredients: herbaartemisiascoparira 20 grams, 10 grams, 15 grams of honeysuckle, brown sugar.

Practices: wash with medicine, into the pot, add water amount, decoction, adding sugar dissolved, divided drinking.

Efficacy: clear and damp heat, promote blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis.

Asthenia of Qi and blood — diet therapy

1, black soybean Da jujube soup

Ingredients: black bean 100g, jujube 50g, 20 grams of red sugar

Practice: the black beans, jujube jujube water, boiled into a congee like, add red sugar to dress, for 1. Every time before menstruation began to take 3 days, 1 dose daily, and even served 10 agent for a course.

Efficacy: Nourishing Qi, relieving pain.

2, Angelica sinensis

Ingredients: Angelica 100g, 500 grams of ice sugar

Practice: first, the angelica thick fried juice, and then together with the sugar to boil into the angelica sugar consumption.

Efficacy: nourishing menstruation pain.

Deficiency of liver and kidney — diet therapy

1. Roast turtles

Ingredients: 1 tortoises, 10 red dates, longan pulp 10 grams

Practices: wash the tortoise, peeled and diced meat, red dates, longan pulp together and put the pot, add soy sauce, sugar, wine, oil, water amount. Boiled, seasoned.

Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and blood, relieving pain.

2, black bean rice wine egg soup

Ingredients: black bean 60g, egg 2, rice wine 120ml

Practice: boiled black beans and eggs, cooked eggs after cooked, cooked until the bean cooked rice wine, eat eggs and drink soup.

Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, relieving pain

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