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A big problem for modern women – what can we eat to relieve dysmenorrhea? dysmenorrhea

General dysmenorrhea in before menstruation or menstrual period, in addition to dysmenorrhea, women may also occur under the back pain, abdominal bulge, of Lesser General Renren passed, but if it is serious, in addition to learning, work and influence in daily life activities, spirit and mood in women also, to cause serious harm to women’s physical and mental.

What can you eat to relieve dysmenorrhea?

1. ginger tea or ginger jujube tea, Xiao Bian is a typical cold house, ten times and nine times, the pain, the pain of a pain all day, then drink ginger tea or ginger jujube tea, rest for half an hour or so not pain, especially at night is painful wake, drinking no pain sleeping soundly, the winter palace to try.

We all know that 2. beef, beef is rich in iron, iron is an essential element of blood, menstrual blood deficiency can also cause dysmenorrhea, when recommended sisters almost menstruation eat more beef, supplement the body iron, promote blood circulation, so the menstrual period would not be so hurt.

3. durian, durian sex hot, is a typical fruit tonic. Some people think that the menstrual period can not eat fruit, in fact, not, some fruit temperature, sexual heat, or can eat. Like durian, it has the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea. The lady who likes to eat durian can eat some durian before menstruation, but don’t eat too much. The fire is not good.

In general, the menstrual period don’t eat so much cold food, pay attention to the lower abdomen warm, also do some exercise, promote blood circulation.

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